EuroMillions Results | 14 January 2014

By   January 16, 2014

euromillions1The latest installment of the rather famous EuroMillions game went down in a fairly low-key sort of way; with a comparatively modest €22 million jackpot, there wasn’t much media frenzy surrounding the latest draw – but that’s not to say that the game still experienced the usual massive influx of players, all keen on laying claim to that coveted jackpot prize! The highlights of the game can be summed up as such: There were no jackpot winners during this leg of the game, which means that the jackpot has rolled over. Are we in the early stages of another mammoth jackpot run of the EuroMillions game, or will the €32 million jackpot be ripe and ready for the picking during tomorrow’s Friday draw?

The numbers drawn were as follows: 18, 20, 25, 26, 37 and Lucky Stars 10 and 11. With such an unlikely combination of numbers, there should be no surprise that the jackpot enjoyed the benefit of a rollover. Despite this though, there were two players who came surprisingly close to sealing the deal with a full jackpot win, narrowly coming short of that magical combination of five main and two Lucky Star numbers. These two players in the second tier were still handsomely rewarded for their matching up of all five main numbers yet only one Lucky Star, though – with €549,287 apiece, that’s good enough reason to smile! In the third tier, there were seven players who managed to hook up the five main numbers only. Their prize for placing in this tier came in at a meaty €52,313 each – well done to these players. Full EuroMillions draw results can be found in the table below:


The next EuroMillions draw (scheduled for Friday, 17 January 2014 with a jackpot prize of €32 million) can be relied upon to be as exciting and thrilling as always – and for your opportunity to be right in the thick of all this excitement and anticipation, all you need to do is to simply play your lucky numbers online to be entered into the EuroMillions lotto game!