EuroMillions Jackpot Winner donates €50m to Charity

By   June 6, 2014

euro notes 2Everybody who indulges in the fantastically thrilling pastime of playing their favourite international lotto game online, dreams of that big win; the day that their lucky lotto numbers are an exact match up to the numbers drawn, resulting in a simply massive jackpot win. Admittedly, the bulk of us have probably already compiled a complete mental check list of all the material pleasures we would immediately go out and purchase with our winnings – no doubt, a considerable chunk of your winnings would already have been “pre-allocated”! If you were a winner of a €72,000,000 jackpot prize in the EuroMillions lotto game, would you be prepared to part with €50,000,000 of those winnings – to give away to a noble cause?
Euromillions SuperDrawWell, this is exactly what a recent EuroMillions jackpot winner done. The French player, who has wisely chosen to remain anonymous, had the incredible fortune of being able to scoop up a fantastic single-ticket win. But, in a surprising twist of events, this anonymous winner has opted to part ways with €50,000,000 of his winnings; splitting it between a dozen NGO’s working on behalf of the less fortunate and disadvantaged in the community. His only stipulation to these NGO’s? He would like to be informed on how the donations will be spent; every last cent would need to be accounted for.

While little is known about this mysterious, selfless and absolutely generous winner; we’ve managed to establish that he is a French player in his 50’s who is unmarried and has no children. A spokesperson from FDJ (one of the organizers in the EuroMillions international lotto game) had this to say about the nameless philanthropist: “He has a strong sense of social solidarity and he believes in generosity.”

In a time where France is struggling to wade through the gloom of a stagnating economy, serial scandals and a noticeable surge in support for the far-Right movement, this bit of good news could not have come at a better time. Sociologist Denis Muzet commented, “In a society in crisis, in search of moral reference points, where money dominates everything; his action makes sense. This individual is sending us a message: Success in life is not about how much money you earn, but rather about what you do for others.”

To this noble jackpot winner; we salute you sir. The world needs more people like you! AspirationAs a matter of interest, the EuroMillions lotto will be hosting an extra-special draw this evening – the highly-anticipated EuroMillions Superdraw! While the gameplay in these Superdraws are no different to the standard-fare draws; the jackpot prize on offer most certainly stands out. For tonight’s draw, those who opt to play EuroMillions online will be aiming for a scintillating guaranteed jackpot prize of €105,000,000 – so be sure to play your winning lotto numbers soonest to be entered into the upcoming draw! Hurry, time is limited – the very best of luck to all our players who will be playing! Would you part with a portion of your winnings to offer assistance to those who really need it? Share your thoughts in our comments section below!