Euro Lotto Weekend Winnings | 20th and 21st Feb. ‘15

By   February 23, 2015


Having the potential to turn you into a multimillionaire in the blink of an eye, there’s nothing that can compare to the online lottery and all of the chances which are offered to you to win big!  There’s now finally a way for you to turn all of your dreams into a reality.  For all of the reason that you need as to why you should get gaming right now, take a look at the latest results to see how many players walked away a whole lot richer:

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The Euro Millions draw on Friday (20th February) wasn’t successful in bringing in any jackpot winners, with no one who was fortunate enough to match the five main numbers and both Stars.  The first prize tier remained empty and the main prize unclaimed, which means that there will be another rollover taking place.  This leaves the estimated jackpot prize for Tuesday’s (24th February) draw at a higher €58 million.

Five players fell into the second prize tier, where they were each granted with their guaranteed winnings of €321, 069.10 for matching the five main numbers as well as one of the two Stars.  There were another five players who placed in the third prize tier.  Each of these players walked away with €107, 023 by matching the five main numbers.  In the last of the top prize tiers, the fourth tier grouped as many as 75 players who each claimed €3, 567.40 for matching four main numbers and both Stars.  Here are all of the detailed results of the latest draw:


The latest Euro Jackpot draw on Friday (20th February) was a good one for the single player who was lucky enough to match all of the five main numbers as well as both of the bonus balls.  This player placed in the first prize tier where they became one of the latest lucky jackpot winners, and scooped up the main prize of a whopping €49, 670, 283 too of course!

There were five more players who carried the winning over into the second prize tier.  Each of these players were granted with their prize of a still impressive €307, 998 for matching the five main numbers and one of the two bonus balls.  Moving down into the third prize tier there were two players who matched the five main numbers, allowing them to snatch up their winnings of €271, 762.90.  For matching four main numbers and both of the bonus balls correctly, each of the 49 players in the fourth tier were awarded with €3, 697.40.  For all of the detailed results in each prize tier, please have a look at the table below:


The last of the draws to take place this weekend was the UK Lottery on Saturday (21st February).

The second prize tier brought in five players who are now each £68, 897 richer thanks to their luck in matching the five main numbers and the bonus ball.  £1, 244 was awarded to each of the 235 players who were grouped in the third prize tier, each of whom had luck matching five of the main numbers.  With winnings of £111, there were a total of 13924 players in the fourth prize tier who matched four main numbers.  All of the results in each prize tier can be found right here:

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