Biggest Lottery Winners in the UK

By   December 2, 2014



We all play the lottery online because it gives us the opportunity to make all of our dreams come true in a matter of minutes. Your life can change instantly with the latest lotto results which makes it incredibly exciting as a game. With that in mind here are some of the biggest lottery winners in UK history who will be able to give you an idea about what you could be winning if you decide to play EuroJackpot over the next few days so keep reading to find out more!


£101,203,600.70 – Dave and Angela Dawes




This couple had only played the lottery for the third time when they hit the EuroMillions jackpot in 2011. Dave, 47 was working as a shift supervisor and Angela, 43 was a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation at the time of their win. They were living in a one-bedroomed flat when their lives changed forever. They gave money to friends and family but their marriage has unfortunately ended.


£107,932,603.20 – Neil Trotter


neil trotter


Neil Trotter became the fourth biggest lottery winner when he won more than £107 million in the EuroMillions lottery in March this year. Before winning the lottery he was a mechanic and part time racing driver retired from his job and started following the British Touring Car Championships as that is what he is passionate about. Well done!


£148,656,000 – Adrian and Gillian Bayford


Adrian and Gillian Bayford


This couple won more than £148 million in the lottery in August 2012 and said that they were planning on going for luxury holidays and splurging on expensive cars at the time of the win. Adrian, 41, a record seller from Havernill in Suffolk joked to his wife that he had not bought any tickets and it was only after they put the kids to bed that they could celebrate their newfound wealth. Sadly, as is the case with a lot of lottery winning couples, they ended up getting divorced just fifteen months after winning the lottery. This shows how strong marriages need to be in order to survive a lottery win.


£161,653,000 – Colin and Chris Weir




This couple became the biggest lottery winners in Europe when they won the jackpot worth over £160 million in July 2011. They had been married 30 years at the time of the win and have two children when they were put in the Sunday Times Rich List above the likes of Ringo Starr and Tom Jones. They are big philanthropists and provided 80% of the funding for Scotland’s ‘Yes!’ campaign which is a drive for the small country to gain independence. They have also helped friends out and bought a mansion. Oh, and they are still married.


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