Biggest EuroMillions Winners Emulate Festive Season Spirit

By   December 31, 2014

When Colin and Chris Weir won the biggest EuroMillions jackpot in history and took home a jaw dropping £161 million in 2011 after the latest lotto results worked in their favour, the Scottish Yes! campaign had no idea how much they would be benefiting from this generous couple.

weirsNearly 80% of the campaign to create an independent Scotland was funded by this generous couple according to financials released by the campaign earlier on in the year. As of April last year the pro-independence couple gave the campaign a whopping £2,5 million. They also donated £1 million to the cause in its first year of operation.

yes scotlandIn an open letter to the newspaper The Scotsman, the couple rejected the claim that they were conned into giving away so much money. Rather, they said that as lifelong supporters of the big for independence they thought it would be strange not to support the campaign. They donated the money in order to foster an active debate between the people of Scotland so that when the time to vote came, Scots from all walks of life could make an informed choice about what they wanted for their gorgeous country with all of its history. Even though the people of Scotland ultimately decided against independence it is good to know that the couple decided to back the campaign and educate people from around the world about the benefits and disadvantages of voting for independence.

Kieran MaxwellThis is not the only generous thing the couple has done since winning big though. They have also provided a prosthetic limb for teenager Kieran Maxwell who had his leg amputated due to cancer. They have also donated a whopping £750,000 to help their favourite football club, Patrick Thistle, establish a youth academy. The football club didn’t have to approach the couple who wanted to do something for them as the academy would encourage kids to get involved in the sport for the sheer love of the game rather than just being focused on training elite players. According to Chris it was the determination of the club to get the project off the ground is what helped them decide to assist.

Other things that the generous couple have done include helping refurbish the facilities at the National Sports Training Centre in their hometown and the grounds Largs Thistle junior football club. It doesn’t stop there –  they sponsor 15-year old Ross Wilson to attend the tennis academy in Barcelona where Andy Murray (another Scot) studied and back racing driver Gregor Ramsay, 15.

If you think you could be as generous as this truly incredible couple and would like to help as many people as you can as the festive season approaches, why not check out your lottery horoscope to see what you can win?