The Priciest Cigar Lounges in the World

By   September 4, 2014


  We all want to live the perfect life where financial constraints are not an issue.  That is why we play lotto online after all. With that in mind, here are some of the most exclusive and expensive cigar clubs. Who knows, with your jackpot from EuroMillions, Mega Millions, UK Lotto, US Powerball, EuroJackpot or Brazilian Mega Sena, you could be getting into these very select cigar clubs. Just remember to ask for Cuban…

Monty Cristo’s, Dubai




This cigar lounge is more than just a cigar club as it comes furnished with a hotel and golf course. Being more of an entertainment centre than anything else, there are a number of different of activities on offer – from pool and billiards to cards, after you have chosen from some of the most exclusive cigars in the world. The lounge is extremely comfortable and the perfect place to unwind after a tough game of golf.


The Carnegie Club, New York City




This is arguably the most expensive and exclusive cigar club in New York City. Expect to find a range of cigars that will not be found anywhere else in the world. They will also break the bank. There is a bar with some interesting drinks and cocktails for you to try but what sets this cigar club from every other one on the planet is the Gothic interior which makes it a must see.

Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge, Dusseldorf



  This cigar club is widely recognised as the biggest one in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. Capella has won numerous bar awards during the last ten years and this is definitely thanks to the luscious décor, extensive menu and winning variety of expensive drinks on offer at the bar. The soothing cigar lounge helps as well.



Library Bar, Dubai




Another winner for Dubai, it’s the stunning interior made up of top-notch leather couches. The cigar menu is impressive and you can order a wide variety of Italian and Arabic dishes and the usual selection of cocktails. It wouldn’t be Dubai if there wasn’t a golf course and there is one outside right next to the beach making it the perfect cigar lounge for those who love to have fun.


The Garden Pavilion, London





While it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the priciest cigar lounge in the world, chances are it is the Garden Pavilion in London. This cigar lounge is found at the oh-so-expensive Ritz Hotel and guests can choose between sitting outside in the gorgeous garden or inside amongst some of the most opulent décor you will ever come across and choose from one of the most extensive cigar menus in the world. The cigar club is easily the most costly one in the world and definitely in London. Open from late afternoon to early morning, this is perfect for night owls.


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